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Binders & Slurries

  • SuspendaSlurry® FS material - 400 lbs.

    SuspendaSlurry® FS material - 400 lbs.

    Ready-to-use, pre-mixed, chemically suspended ceramic shell slurries​ Simplify slurry make-up​ Reduce expense and equipment maintenance - no propeller mixers required to wet-out refractory Reduce labor costs associated with weighing and...

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  • Primcote® binder (55 gallon drum)

    Optimizes ceramic shell slurries Eliminates buckling, lifting and cracking of primary shell coats Allows faster drying of primary coats with lower humidity and/or increased air circulation Contains wetting agent, antifoam agent and color indicator...

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  • Customcote® binder

    Strong ceramic shells with many potential benefits over standard colloidal silica and ethyl silicate shells Can be used for primary and backup shell coats and with a variety of refractories Excellent wetting properties eliminate the need for...

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