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Jewelry Casting

  • Ultra-Vest® BANDUST™ investment - 50 lbs.

    Ultra-Vest® BANDUST™ investment - 50 lbs.

    Proven quality, consistent results for casting gold, silver, brass and bronze Accepted by jewelry casters as being the most process forgiving product available for casting - saving casters time and money Provides easy quench and easy cleanup,...

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  • AquaSphere™ injection wax - 50 lbs.

    AquaSphere™ injection wax - 50 lbs.

    Provides casters with: Versatility Works well on fine filigree and thick, heavy pieces) Dependability Easy to remove from the mold Low shrink in thick areas and cross-sections Superior memory for shape Production efficiency Very...

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  • Solitaire investment - 50 lbs.

    Solitaire investment - 50 lbs.

    Enhanced to allow casting stones set in wax Provides casters with superior stone protection and higher burnout temperature capacity than other investment materials Provides castings with a cleaner dewax and fewer surface defects Package size:...

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